pilot screw

I made the mistake of taking out my pilot air screw before counting the turns in.

How many turns out do I need to be to be close to the factory setting


2 turns out should do it good enough to set it correctly. Everyone says remember where it was set from the factory - I ask why? It isn't like you are ever going to need that info.

Get it started with it 2 turns out. Turn it out more until the RPMs drop - note how many turns that is. Then turn it in until the RPMs drop - note the turns again. Now set it in the middle of those two positions. It should start easy and be crisp off idle once you do it.

- Sean

Ok, Ill bite, how do you turn the thing while the bike is running? Are we talking abut the screw under but not in the float bowl?

thanx sean but jason has got a point

how do I adjust it



This sight makes my life easier

Jason, adjusting it w/ the bike running is really the only way to set it correctly. You need a short screwdriver.


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I use one of those small flathead screwdriver bits. I sink it into a 1/4 inch socket intended for a 3/8 inch ratchet. The socket gives you something to grab and watch for the number of turns.

Warm up the bike first and you slip it up in there from the left side. The screw is recessed in a hole on the bottom of the float bowl just forward of the 17mm drain plug.

There is also a tool out there - really an extension of the fuel screw that would make this really easy to do: http://www.kientech.com/mixture.jpg

Jesse Kientech's site states it is for a DRZ but it works on all FCRs.

- Sean

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Hmmmm, ok, ill give that a whack then. I was thinking about breaking the clamps loose and trying to spin the carb a few degrees but dont want the angle to effect the operation of the carb while I am trying to set it. Man That whole thing is a tight fit in there, and I even have a remote hot start rig! Thanks for the tunning advise. I was wearry of turning that screw cause the book was all like, This has been set at the factory, Dont touch it dumbass! instead, open up your float bowl and adjust your pilot jet 1/4 turns at a time! Come on! It would take weeks to dial the thing in like that!


Mike Higgins

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