Expected value of a 1991 XR600

What could I expect the value of 1991 XR600 be. I live in Northern California. I don't know much about the bike, just that it ia a 91' XR600

I would estimate a 91 should go from between $1200 to $1800 depending on the condition. I bought my 93 for $1900. It was in excellent mechanical condition, but needed some regular maintenance. Are you buying or selling? If buying I would go for a '92 or newer. Ryan

Why a 92'? I am looking to buy a bike, and somebody I know has a 91', and said that it might be up for sale. I was also assured that he would sell it to me for a good price. Seems he bought a new bike and is tired of the 91' sitting around the garage.

I am sorry, I had the year wrong for the big XR600R change. The 1991 bikes are the first year Honda made the rear disk and cartridge forks available. This should prove to be a great bike, and my apologies. Ryan

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