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Optional Valve Guides direct from the dealer????

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BUYKAWASAKI shows the intake valve guides as an OPTION on their website.

An option usually indicates something better/different from stock does it not?

Did they finally find/admit there is a defect in the valve to seat alignment?

Is this the fix?

I really wish we could get some straight answers from the dealer.

Every time I ask questions they go into denial.

My dealer has never heard of an overheating problem.

Valves? They're perfect.

1.6 bar rad cap......doesn't exist as far as they know.

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1.6 rad cap exists. I got one no problem from the local dealer. Find a new dealer.

Of course they do. I have one aswell. Problem was that I had to give them the part #.

We don't have as many local dealers up here in Canada. As much as I'd like to find a new one.

In fact, I travelled 4 hr one way to purchase my new RMZ instead of picking one up at the local dealer which is only a few mins away. Then again,,, I did save over $2k

Any insight regarding the optional valve guides.?



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