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SMC 625 Newbie saying Hi

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Just wanted to say hi.I`ve been viewing this sight for quite awhile.

I just picked up a KTM 625 SMC motard street legal.The shops told me they were sold out everywhere,but one of the salesman walking by overheard me asking about it and said the owner took the one they had but was ready to sell it.God blessed me.What timing!He only put 265 miles on it.It`s my first thumper.I`ve only had it two days and thought nothing could bring a smile to my face like my SV650 because of it`s lightness and torque.This bike has so far.I`ve ridden it to work both days in the pouring rain.So far I`m having a ball.I still have to get use to it,not so sure what I`m supposed to be feeling RPM-wise and no tachometer,so I`ll just keep the power on.

Great sight,tons of info.


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