Any aggressive knobbie with a DOT approval?

I've been running Kenda Trackmaster II's and so far it's the one with the tallest knobs. Just seems a little narrow. All the other DOTs look like they have some FIM approved short knobs. Anyway, just thought I'd throw this out. RR.

I have always thought the Kendas looked most aggressive. I have a buddy who had the Pirelli MT21s, but they were pretty worthless on anything off-camber or sidehilling. Plus, the Kendas are priced right. :)


I just purchased a Michelin Desert Tire front tire. DOT approved and has excellent knobbies. They have more height than I expected for a DOT approved tire.

This tire is not cheap :)

Also, it has a nice V shaped bridge between the two outside rows of knobs which should resist tearing.

So far it is wearing well (still has the little fibers hanging off of the tread). The front end has shown good holding power in the dirt. :D

I don't have enough time with it to say how well it will wear over the long haul.

I have a Donlop 606,check them out, they have massive knobs,wearing very good, got from rocky ,$50.00 :)

I got a michilin dessert rear and cant beleive its got a dot on it! My buddy saw it in catoluge and said dot approved. I said no way! I checked and was shocked. hooks up well ! maybe too well. Gotta get used to it. Cant tell you about wear, I try to stay in dirt only. I wanted it because it is wide !! Tall also for rocks.

Dunlop 606, maybe... I met a dual sport dude yesterday at our local club track, and he'd just gotten back from DMV with his XR400 fully registered for the street... I noted that he had a pair of Dunlop 606's on the bike, and they looked pretty aggro to me... I don't know how they perform or anything, but they're perhaps worth considering...

I'm sportin' a pair of Metzeler MCE Karoos on my KLR650, and they work fine for my applications... but I don't think they'd be what yer lookin' for.

Baja Designs is selling MT21 Rallycross tires on their site, and the tire has gotten good reviews for a DOT knobbie; however, as someone said above, they don't appear to be good for off-camber and side-hilling stuff...

That's what I know at this point...




I ordered a Michelin BAJA series (DOT approved) rear tire last Thursday. I will be running a Michelin DESERT front tire with the BAJA rear tire. Both are DOT approved and have very aggressive knobs.

I looked and the D606's first and IMHO I think the Michelin's are more aggressive that the D606's. Also, I believe that they will be better in the sand because of some reports that I have read.

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From my understanding - DOT approval has little to do with the "knobbiness" or aggressiveness of a tire. It has more to do with sidewall strength. It isn't a matter of chunking out a knobby, but blowing the tire right off your rims a sustained high speed.


You are correct. A DOT approved tire is desired for dual sporting a dirt bike. One usually purchases DOT approved tires to avoid tickets or to pass licensing inspections. Each rider has to make a decision regarding what mixture (road/off-road)of performance that they want in a tire. Someone who desires a 10%/90% mixture would want a more aggressive (i.e. greater emphasis on how the knobbies are formed for lack for a bettter differentiator) dirt styled tire. :)

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