Tyre changing!!

Is there any easier way to change tyres. It took me about 2 hours today t change my rear, and I gave up without tackling the front today!

I saw this manual tyre changer in a parts catalogue. Anyone tried one of these, or have any tool or method they could recommend.

I'm tempted to pay a shop to do it next time! I mean getting the old tyre off is pretty ok, but getting the new one on was a nightmare!

lube it!

use baby power on the tube and soapy water on the bead. use 3 large tire irons and drop the bead into the center of the rim. only lever on a small amount at a time and use all 3 irons when getting the last part on or the first part off.

its wierd, i find getting the tire off the rim is the hardest part. putting it on the rim is easy.

hopefully this helps

How did you do it? Seen a article on a 6min tire change and tried it the last time I changed a tire. I loosened up the wheel locks, removed the valve stem nut, popped both beeds out and allow the rim to drop inside the tire, then pulled the rim out it was fairly easy. I did it in reverse puttng it back on except I left the tube out until just before the final beed. Next time I'll do it the way the article said, put the tube in the tire and air it up a little just to keep the tube in the tire, drop the rim inside the tire, screw the valve stem nut on a couple threads, and pop both beeds back on. It may sound like alot of extra work but really it's much easier.

Getting it on was a mare! The force was so great on the irons, it dented the rim a bit. I reckon I did it wrong!

I stropped everything out, rim locks etc.

Do you guys have the tyre on top of the wheel when starting re fitting the tyre, or the rim on top of the tyre. It took ages to get the first bead to grip on the rim, it kept popping out in one place as I put one piece in!

Removal was pretty OK though!!

I'm gunna get one of these changing machines!!

Doing it the regular way I stand the tire up and put the center of the rim on the first bead and pry the tire on, when you come to a wheel lock make sure the bead is between the rim and wheel lock and not on top of the wheel lock.

So using the quicke way, how do you get the rim to the centre of the tyre?? I presume you mean that you then put the beads over each side of the rim, rather than both beads over the same side of the rim??

Make sense, but how do you get the rim into the centre of the tyre??

I tried doing this the other day for the first time. This was on a Dunlop 606 DOT tire. All I can say is make sure you use soap/water and possibly even WD-40. Also have some good long spoons, I tried it with 8" ones and had a misserable time. It in fact cost me a tire b/c I did none of those things I suggested and I broke the bead...yikes!

Make sense, but how do you get the rim into the centre of the tyre??

Stand up with the tire in between your legs. Make sure the tire is lubed up with soapy water or Windex. Take the rim in your hands, and pushing downwards, force the rim to the inside of the tire. You really have to push that sucker in there, but it will go in.

Just tried that!! And no cigar!! The sidewalls of this Maxxiss IT are so stiff, compared to the DOT dunlop that came off. I managed to do it successfully with the old tyre, but this new one is not compliant enough!

I'm knackered, and am giving up until I either get a machine to help, or can get it to a shop!

PS do you guys remove the sprocket and or disc to do this. I am worried about bending them with all the jumping up and down on the levers!

so, your fighting with the tire, and the tire won? i cant see a machine doing this, and no self respecting dirt biker would walk into a shop for a tire change. even if i could afford it, those guys do not love my bike! and my bike would hate me for it.

is this your first time changing a tire? :cry:

Holy Crap !!! I hope you're not putting your brake disc or even sprocket on a hard surface with any type of force.

I use an old tire to rest my tire on while removing the tire from the rim.

I think your main focus should be keeping the bead that you have successfully put on the rim in the CENTER of the tire at all time. I use an old piece of garden hose on occassion to help accomplish this.....you force it in on the side you have on already.

Alot of dirt bikers have no shame...they are in my shop constintly with tires & rims in hand. Not to mention with their knuckles beat off, beads busted {thought that was impossible to do with butter knives :cry:} rims beat to [@#$%&*!], tubes patched to hell....etc.

They kringe when they see me do it. $20.00 bucks a pop :cry:

p.s Windex is wicked for seating your bead on the rim...use a drift mallet for the stubborn section & a good bit of air pressure. Some tires as mentioned are worst than others.

The more you do .... the better you'll get :cry:

Get a good set of tire irons :cry:

Just give it another shot. I hated tire changing and the one day it got a bit easier. Now I still take about 20 minutes or so but that includes swilling soem beer in between. Get some levers so you have the right tool for the job and then follow the advice on here on how to put the rim in the center of the tire; it works. I use a spray bottle with a 50/50 soap water mixture in it and spray the hell out of the rim and bead while tryin to finish it up; the lube is the key.

Good luck... and about the shops, think about that 20 bucks you could have in your pocket every time you do it yourself. I have only done about 5 changes myself but that is like 100 bucks in my pocket plus you don't have to drive it down and pick it up.

DO NOT USE WD40, it dries and makes the rubber stick to the rim!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry:

Yesterday I changed Front and rear on a YZ250f in about 45 minutes. Incuding removing and insalling the wheels from the bike. Tire changing is just a sequence of events that if not done right will frustrate and demonize the tamest of people. We race all year and i ride off road all year so I change tires about 10 or more times a year.

I always use WD40 and baby powder. Also take the rim band off and throw it away, replace it with a 1" strip of good quality 3M or Nashua Duct tape. cut out the holes with a razor knife. I also have never wasted my money on HD tubes.

Most flats are caused by improper tube instalation or to low air pressure for the conditions.

I also use knee pads to push the bead into the center of the rim as I'm levering the last bit of bead over the rim.

That is the most important part, If you dont get the bead down in the rim it wont go on.

Any Questions?


Well still cannot get the rim into the centre of the tyre, (ie between the beads), it just wont go on this new maxxis! Problem I then have is getting the first bead on, from like the long way over the wheel, if that makes sense. I got it about 3/4 way round then I could not get the levers out it was so tight!! Also, as I am working the long way over the rim, I cannot get the levers over verticle, as the rim stops it!! Its a mare!

Are these maxxiss tyres real tight on the beads? I can get th old dunlop fitted in about 10 mins!!

PS I found a site that showed pictorially hwo to fit a tyre using one of these manual machines! Typically, it just skiped over the bit I am getting stuck on, ie getting getting the first bead fitted the long side over the rim! Aghhhgghhh!

Don't you just hate it when that happens!??

As for the $20 a throw for fitting, I'd pay it happily at the mo!

Not quite sure what to tell you, Except to take that Maxxis/Cheng Shin piece of crap back to the dealer and trade it for a real tire.

Those tires wont last half as long as a Dunlop or Bridgstone


I put the rim on the floor Sprocket side down on a piece of carpet, Squirt WD-40 or soapy water on the bead and jam the tire onto the rim. I can usually get 2/3s of the tire on without irons, then lever the bead on the rest of the way.

Make sure the other bead isnt getting pulled in at the same time.

Good luck


No disrespect meant, but are you sure you have the right size tire for your rim?

If you do, and the tire is just a stiff @#$%* then you can try what we used to do with ice racing tires. Heat the tire as much as you can so the metal beads can flex a bit. We used to hang our tires over a wood stove for an hour and they'd slip right on. I don't have a wood stove now so when I have a tight bead I soak the tire in a bathtub.

It works as well as applying heat to loosen a seized bolt.

Make sure that your rimlocks and valve stem are pushed into the tire as far as possible so they don't keep a part of the tire bead from moving close to the smaller center of the rim. I pop one side on, then I use 2 tire irons to pull the tire against the side of the rim where it will eventually sit. Then I hook the irons under the sprocket or disc and lay the rim down on that side. Then I pull up on the side of the tire and block it with something so I can get the rimlocks and tube in easy. Just put the nuts on the locks and valve enough so they don't fall off. Take the valve stem out of the tube so any trapped air an escape. As you're popping the other bead on, keep pushing the rimlocks and valve back into the tire to keep them from hanging up the bead. The rim liner works like a big elastic pushing the locks out through the rim. I use baby powder inside the tire and a soapy water in a spray bottle to lube the tire. I change my tires a lot from studs to paddles to knobbies and I usually do it in my livingroom with no trouble. The studs in the pic are 2 inches long and there are 2 street tires inside the knobbie so it's a stiff bee-yatch but slips on no problem after a hot bath. Hope some of this helps. Usually when a tire is that much trouble to get on you have to take it off again right away 'cause the tube is trashed.






Ok Frostbite, i followed your advise, and put the tyre in the tub, but once I dried it all out, it had cooled a lot!

I got everything together in the living room, and my girlfriend has now left me. (hey at least there;s some good from it!) I just cannot do it! I'm gunna let the shop do it!

PS where does the guitar come in!

PPS, seriously, I love your photos you post, they show a world so far from my own, I'm in awe. That looks like one crazy place you live! Why is your bike hanging from a crate in the back of your truck??

Awesome! :cry:

Make sure as you go the bead that is already on the rim is in the center. The edge of the rim is wider than the center. If you try to force the tire on the rim with the bead at the edge you will have a hard time of it.

bigdrtrdr you are so wrong adout the dunlop lasting "twice" as long as the Maxxis that I'm sure you have never tried the maxxis.. Theories without thinking!! Frostbite: Nice guitar, is that a Martin?? :cry:

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