Tyre changing!!

I was given a Maxxis/Dunlop copy at a desert race about 4 years ago, after 50 miles on my KTM 620 that thing they called a tire was down to the cords.

Nice, Maybe just a fluke but its something you dont forget soon.


Sorry, I forgot, They make Metzler motocross copies not Dunlop copies.


I just cannot do it! I'm gunna let the shop do it!

Awesome! :cry:

what a waste of time! why didnt you just do that in the first place? you sound like i did the first time i changed a tire.

be a man and change the stupid tire! :cry:

ps. i hope your engine never breaks. :cry:

im sure you wont mind paying for that.

boy we sure haven't had that kind of results in baja, with the xr650 or my wr. the maxxis it lasts about 50% longer that the dunlop 739at for us. go figure..... :cry: :cry: :cry:

Did you take it in to be changed?

Enter your profile info, it would help.

What kind of bike do you have?

Do you have two wheel lock or just one?

Which Maxxis IT did you get (6001 or 7305)and what size(110 OR 120)?

I had no problems with a 7305 , 110/100/18.

Where are you located?

If I had means to post pic's I'd take some of how I change mine.

For those doubting Maxxis I got 600+ mile on a 6001 of course it was worn down to about 1/4" center knobbies, but no chunking unlike the dunlop 739 after 300 or so miles. Now I'm trying the 7305 IT, to compare. I've only noticed the 6001 does better in loose rocky/sand with dry conditins so far.

You certainly live up to your username!

Its my business what I spend my money on.

And re the engine, I have been building engines for 15 years, so that is no problem. I am no tyre fitter though, and for £10 or so every 500 miles, its nmoney well spent.

I can remove the tyre, fix/replace tubes etc in the garage at home and on the trail. I figure that's enough, I'll leave the tyre changes to the pros like you guys!

Not to say I wont try it again next time. :cry:

Not sure what model maxxis, its an IT according to the catalogue. They are difficult to buy in the UK, so it was one supplier who i got them from mail order. Its a MX tyre, non DOT approved.

Bike is a WR450, 04 model, with two rimlocks. Rimlocks are not the problem, I tried it with and without, but the first bead just refuses to go on! Once that is in, the 2nd bead will be no problem.

I have managed to fit the old tyre back on twice, but the new one is soooo stiff by comparison! I am worried the wheel rim will get damaged as the force on the levers is so high, it is leaving marks on the rim!

My local auto tyre garage says they can fit bike tyres, but not balance them, so I reckon I will go see them. If they struggle with their machine etc, it may be this tyre is faulty or these are just very tight!

You may not be using the tire irons correctly for the first bead or using enough ummph! I use 3 Motion pro large tire irons which have an awesome bend for getting tires on and off. I have 3 spoons that sit there and watch the Motion Pros in action! :cry: :cry: Good tire Irons is the key! A tire stand is also easier to work with instead of your knees. Sorry to hear about your girlfriend but at least now you have time to ride! :cry:

Changing tires can be a real pain in the :cry:. I built this stand to go into the receiver of my SUV. It made my life a ton easier since like most guys, I'm not getting on my knees for anyone or anything. :cry: It consists of a piece of 2x2 tubing, 18" piece of all thread, 3 nuts, and 4 washers.

I bought 2, 10" tire irons with handles which makes life tons easier. (3 would be better)

1. Set the tire in the sun to warm up, if it's winter bring it in the house.

2. Put the rim locks on first like in the picture and slide the tire between the rim lock and rim.

3. Lube the tire bead and the rim for stiffer tires like the Maxxis IT and pry one side on and make sure it sits in the center of the rim like others have said.

4. Put a small amount of air in the tube and slide that into the tire.

5. Lube the rim and bead again and pry the rest of the tire on carefully so you don't pinch the tube.

I always use Heavy Duty tubes. They seem less likely to puncture when installing as well as on the trail. I've dented every rim on every bike I've had and I run 15-16 lbs. Pinch flats suck.

If you think changing them on an 18" rim is tough, try a 19". With the tire off the ground and secured, it's much easier to change. I'm not a big guy but I've always changed my own tires and I've been riding for close to 27 years. The more you practice the better.

As far as the Maxxis IT not lasting, you obviously haven't tried one. They are one tough tire and hold up fantastic to serious abuse.



You guys be may be right about the tyre levers. I got three, one large and two small. I reckon they need some big bend in them to be able to clear the rim when working across its width!mmm

That bar on the back of the truck looks good. I may build something like that for the garage floor.

I saw this thing on an ozzy website that had a rig you bolt to the floor, then clamp the wheel in, and then you can walk around it with this massive tyre lever that pivots round a spline in the centre of the wheel. Its sort of like a professional tyre fitting machine, but the wheel stays still and you do the walking.

Cheers for the tips guys! :cry:

I think you mean this:


I don’t use the tire changer but it looks like a real nice way of dealing with tire changes. I use Tyrepliers' levers as opposed to motorcycle specific ones. They are longer, making it easier to leverage the bead over the rim.

That's the kiddie. Looks like it would make life easier. But then its a lot of dosh for a tyre change every 3 months or so?

Right, tyre change saga is over!! I had them doen at a local tyre fitter, the MX shops needed them til the weekend cos they are so busy!

So I sat for 30 mins in the reception, had two free coffee's and watched MTV! The guys found three punctures, all filled by the moose I run, repaired them and fitted it all back tgether for £15!

I wondered why I had wasted my Sunday.......!!!!

I am intially impressed by the maxxiss, only had a quick bast around a couple of fields, but seem to hook up nice. Much better than the knackered ut Dunlops that came off it!

By the way, as I drove in the tyre place, in the car, on ful lock, the fitter noticed fabric showing throught he inside front edge of the front car tyres!! Tracking seems screwed, and they were sooo dangerous, I had not noticed as they have nly been on 6000 miles! So i was glad I went don there, as I had been driving at about 130mph yesterday coming back from the North of Engand, and was due to go back up there tomorrow!! Could have been a very nasty blowout, so it was a good choice all round to get the pros to do it! :cry:

...I had been driving at about 130mph yesterday coming back from the North of Engand...

You do mean 130 KPH, right? I did'nt think the whole of england was big enough to get a car up to 130 MPH, unless of course you happen to be Ferrari backed Michael Schumaker... :cry:

No, it was mph!!

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