friction plate help

i cooked the clutch on my 650, all the steal plates are nicely warped. but all the friction plates are well with in the service limet. my question is, how soft/hard should the material on the friction plate be?? im afraid that the extra heat from the worped steal plates cooked the frictions. i am only scared because they seem a littel too black and hard, but i dont know. look at the picture and tell me what you think. is there some kind of finger nail test i can do to see if the plates are ok {dig my nail into it}?


If the plates are worped replace them. Get new springs too. The disc it self is soft like brake pads. If there in spec and your tring to save money use them. I would change everything if it was mine.

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Sorry about your clutch getting fried. :)

Have you determined the cause?

You should replace clutch bushing with the new hardened one. It resists swelling at the end and helps avoid clutch seizure.

If this was the cause you have a legitimate warranty claim.

im riding a 1992 dr650 NOT an xr {i wish i where}.

so i dont think that there is a clutch bushing. but thx anyway.

i think the cause is, 10 year old dirtbike that get riden every day {hard}.

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