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WV Hatfield McCoy Ride Pics

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Well here are some pics from my 3 day WV trail ride - 150 miles of singletrack, rocks, and hill climbs :lol::cry:

had a great time. Not many action shots - rode most the time a fast pace to cover all trails at each area we went to each day. I met up with 4 other riders that I met through an e-mail distribution list of local riders - I met the person that gave me and put me on the list from here at TT.

If you are on the east coast, and have not been to the Hatfield McCoy trails - you need to go!!!!!!!

I drove 6 1/2 hours there by myself to meet the guys there - worth every mile of the trip :cry::lol:




Here was a nice TORTURECHAMBERS type of obstacle...lay the bike down and drag it under the tree :cry:




If you look in the center of this shot you see a little clearing...thats where the end of one of the single tracks were. Loose coal hill climp up to where I took the shot - 2 foot deep X 2 foot wide rut of loose coal about 1/4 mile uphill climb


This was the top of the coal hill where the single track brought us....nice little coal hills to play on




And here is the only shot with me in it....set the timer...but cut the top of my head off in the pic :cry:






This was Mark after he had a nice getoff in some thick mud :lol: :lol: Too bad he was in the back...would have been a nice roosting opportunity :lol:



This was a real nice hillclimb off of one of the trails. Played around here for a while :lol:





And here is some nice marks that me and the bike made on a tree :lol:


And here are the nice marks on my leg that the tree gave me as payback




Enjoy the pics....will have some nice video footage of some hillclimb action soon...and some tough technical rocky sections - I will post a link to the Vids when I get it finished :lol::cry:

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Looks like a blast!! As soon as I get back from deployment.....I gotta go riding!!!!

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Awesome place to ride! Where is it?

Its in Logan West Virginia. Near the Kentucky border

Great place to ride - worth the drive there. There are 5 different trail heads around there that you can ride - each one has about 80-100 miles of great trails, and a few singletracks. Here is the website - http://www.trailsheaven.com/

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great pics. yeah around here there are tons of hills, and lots of coal all over the place. A few mins from my house there are 50 acres of coal mines. great to ride. the hatfield mccoy trail pics up in VA about 30 mins north of me. still havent been able to make it up there. one day:) there are miles and miles of trails right behind my house that keep me busy.

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Look's like u had fun till a tree jumped out in front of you. Those are some nice trails you ride on. :cry:

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Cool. I want to go there bad. Hopefully next year. :cry:

I see you are in TN - have you ever rode at Coal Creek?????

It is just outside of Knoxville - good riding there too, just a bit smaller than Hatfield McCoy trail system...but some nice tough stuff there at Coal Creek.

Here is the website - http://www.coalcreekohv.com

you ought to check it out if you have never been :cry: :cry:

I have been there a few times :cry:

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