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problem w/ front sprocket shaft

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last weekend i goto a race, have a great day, blah blah blah.

last lap or so and my chain snaps, so i push the bike back, i do some maitence get the chain back on (today)

i get a km away from my place to go to the track, i notice a clicking noise coming from teh bike, to what sounds to be from the inside. so i look and look at it, notice the shaft that the front sprocket is on is bent.

nothing is slipping or messing up just clicking.

so the countershaft is bent, i dont know if one of the gears is messed to make it click or what

oh, btw.. the chain didnt jam up on the front sprocket, i guess it did for a sec then fell off, not to sure on that one

price range on what this is gonna cost or any info you can add would be great, any help at all apperciated



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If the countershatft is bent then I'd bet that there is some damage to gears inside, thats probably what the clicking is. (i've had clicking from my gearbox twice before, both times a tooth was missing or damdaged.)

Any gears that are damaged must be replaced along with any gears that mate with the damaged one. If the shaft is bent then there's a good chance that the shift forks are bent too.

It's not gonna be cheap.

I have done the gearbox twice on my '01 250f, from memory it cost about $400 (australian dollars) for the parts. I cant tell you what the labour costs as I done the rebuild myself, but it is a time consuming job. Give your local dealer a call, they should be able to give you a rough idea of how much your up for.

If your game, the manual shows all the steps involved, I had never done a bottom end before, but with the manual I had no probs. If your not mechanically inclined then I'd suggest taking it to the dealer.

Its a good idea to replace all the bearings in the crankcase while its apart too.

Just curious, how tight was your chain, did you set the tension according to the manual?

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the teasing at the shop has started already, saying that my chain was improperly ajusted causing this mess

it was ajusted correctly though just somthing made it snap.

anyway, the shaft is bent, and the gears on it, the piece that they lock into each other are wore down a bit and can be filed strait again, without much work, or buy new ones, im going to let the mechanics decide.

it shouldnt cost too much because i am getting parts for cost not retail and a good deal on labor.

it took about 40mins to take the engine out and take everything off, then split the engine.

the mechanics that are at this shop are completely amazing and know everything there is to know as they were great mechanics on road race bikes back in the day

anyway ill keep an update, oh and i am going to need some new forks too.

also, the piston,rings,bottom end and everything else are like new, pretty re-asuring to find that out too.

expensive chain.


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