Can a xr650r be made street legal in ontario Canada?

And if so,what are the required changes,thanks

Yes. The changes will depend on your dealer and where you want to ride. I have street plates on my WR426 and had them on my XR600 with minimal modifications. Some dealers will give you the plates if they know you will only ride on back roads between trails.

The other route is a dual sport kit. I think most dealers will give you a safety if your bike has all the street gear. Look in the forum at There is a link there from a guy who made his KX80 legal.

Today I was in Waterloo and visited KW Honda. They take all the street gear from a 650L and install it on a 650R. A bit expensive, but very nice. You could take that bike anywhere and be totally legal.

Send me a private message if you want some more info. I learned a lot when I was selling my XR and I can suggest some dealers who may help.

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