overseas factory legal 650R..possible parts?

I notice in australia the 650R is factory street legal..wonder if any of you have gone this route as far as fitting a ignition key...I am going to ask around at the shops today.

The 650R is streetlegal in Europe also...

You can disconnect the kill-switch and replace it with a OEM Honda ignition key (from a mopped ....).It's just a plug-in :cry:

LOL...looking for a bit more security than that..IE the provision to lo0ck the handlebars if I am at work.

The Australian model has a steering lock in the stem only and no ignition key.

I wonder if the steering lock can be adapted...

oooh..that ..the steering lock...it's standard euro equipment on the 650.

yep sory to say there is no ignition key in our AUS version

do the steering parts unbolt or do you reckon the frame is different?

I wonder if the steering lock can be adapted...

I would not worry too much about the steering locks; I just had my second dual sport stolen... XR650L few years ago from my mother’s front yard and my DR650 3 days ago from the Gym... Both had the steering lock ON and were in nice neighbor hoods. I am running out of good ideas I don’t know if 2 guys just throw the bike in a Truck or if the key/fork security is just easy to get around. I am working on a delay relay that will lock the front tire up after 60mph is reached if you don’t have authorsation code. :cry:

I am running out of good ideas

Just don't use a Kryptonite lock because they can be opened in just a few seconds with a ball point pen case :cry:

The steering lock in the stem is intergral with the stem. Dont waste your time, looks like a lot of work and thet are not very strong anyway.

so I reckon the best method is to chain it to something, what a pain in th neck on a regular basis, I guess for quick jaunts to the store a hidden kill switch would suffice.

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