gray wire

i read in this froam that the gray wire in can/aus bikes are already cut this is not so they are still joined,we have two thottle stop screws one that comes in the bike and one that in giving to you when you bye the bike in a box with alot of other stuff.I must thank you guys for putting up the froam about the chain giude in australia no ones know anything about what to do about there bikes so it was a real surprize to learn about the air box,grey wire,chain giude,but i would like to know more is there anything else i can do your input would be greatful :cry:

Hey fellow Aussie, :cry:

Check this one out

I haven't heard of any woodruff key faults here In Australia. I’ve got 1700kms on mine and no problems. (Touch wood).

Also I disconnected the grey wire and installed a switch on the bars, but can't seem to notice any change, I might just put it back to how it was.

Also here is a closer look at when you re-route the breather hose

This site is great, Taught me allot about my bike, im sure you will learn heaps to.

Were abouts do you live?


great to see another aussie :cry: i live in nowra on the south coast do you come over this way to ride.i race motor cross aswell,i haven't got my bike back on the road yet as my staintune muffler is getting fixed so i hope next week to have it back it's being a boring weekend with out it.i have over 3500klms on mine and not one problem i have taking the grey wire out but haven't tried it out.what do you think about this decompreesion plug i think it is a great idea i rang ballards to see if thay have them but they don't so i am tring to get one from the states better safe then sorry i surpose.if you are ever over here look out for me my bike number is 00 chat to you later. :cry:

decompression plug :cry:

I try to get down to the coast at least once a month for a ride. I ussually end up near Ulladulla, or bawely point, and further south near a town called mogo(south of batemans bay). Heaps of single lane trails :cry:

you should come to nowra for a ride theres a lot of places to go you can even ride from nowra to ulladulla in the bush but i don't know where that ride goes i have heard its good with hills/slow and fast sections might have to do it one day.i am surpose to be going past ulladulla on sunday for a ride but don't know if i am going to go i want to get more training in for next mouths last two racers for the year.

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