Yikes! Black Paste on Magnetic Drain Plug!

At my last oil change I installed a magnetic drain plug on my 1996 XR600. This afternoon when I changed my oil (first time since I put the magnetic plug in) there was a clump of black magnetic paste (pixie dust?) on the tip of my magnetic drain plug. :cry: The question is do I care? Is this magnetic paste simply the accumulated metal from normal engine wear? Or is the sign of something more sinister? The bike runs great, has good compression and burns almost no oil. I change the oil a lot and use good fully synthetic motorcycle oil. So what do you think? Time to panic or just open another beer and forget about it? :cry:

It's another beer time. I'm sure it's just the stuff that is in all of our bikes that doesn't get changed out with normal oil changes. If you hadn't changed to a magnetic plug you would be happy as a clam right now :cry:

Totally Normal. :cry:

Just changed my oil as well (XR650R). Down tube plug had the same black paste, completely covered the magnet. Down tube screen had a little paste at its base, zero bigger particles. Bottom plug had a hint of paste. Stainless steel oil filter was clean.

The plugs are doing their job. :cry:

Thanks for reassuring words. :cry: It may be normal, but I'm glad to get that ferrous sludge out of my engine. I think the magnetic plugs are a good idea.

I get the same things on my trucks differentials when I change the fluid..probab;y just from the gears..no biggie.

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