Where to connect hand held tachometer?

Looking to find out where I would connect a hand held tachometer to monitor RPM's while adjusting fuel screw.

What year bike? Til 03 you just hook it to the spark plug lead, 03 and later you will have to figure out which wire going to the coil/cap is the trigger, not the ground

Simplest solution would be to get one that triggers inductively off of the secondary. Remember that there is a spark every time the engine goes over top, just like on a two-stroke, so set the tach up accordingly.

Thanks to you & Grayracer for the response. I'am trying to dial in my new "05". There are two wires to the ign. coil, will it hurt if I use the trial & error method? Or will it just give me a false reading on the tach.

I just fitted a Honda hourmeter that has a tacho function built in. It's inductive off the plug lead, so installs in a matter of seconds.It's accurate to 20 rpm.

No it shouldnt hurt as long as the tach is using an inductive lead. It will read double the rpms as grayracer stated. The trigger wire will probably be the one without a black stripe or is not solid black.

Thanks for the response! Unfortunatly my tach is a old school 4,6,8 cylinder auto tach. I will have to do the pin in alligator clip trick. Thanks again!!

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