you know how they are putting turbos on the 4 stroke quads??? like the 400EX, Bomb DS650's, TRX,YFZ's. bikes of that nature. well what if you were a die hard duner, or planning to race the Baja with a YZ400/426/450... would that not be sick or what?? :cry: :cry: there is a shop here in phoenix that just did a Bombardier DS650.. this thing does 135MPH on the street!!!135!!! and they clocked it up Oldsmobile hill in GLAMIS at 86MPH. thats sick if you ask me. not that i am really planning on putting a turbo on my YZ400F, but it IS possible. if i had money top throw around i would though, for sheezee!!! what does everyone think??? :cry: :cry:

The YZFs have a lot of compression that you would have to reduce in the motor for a blown application.

I know of a Xr650 with a turbo for the Dakar race that has been around on the net.

haha ya that'd be pretty crazy. id wanna try that for a ripp forsure.

One of my buddies that has a YZ-426 hybrid bike like mine in a street chassis has a Garret Turbo on his motor. It is supossedly around 80+hp :cry:

the shop that is local for me that did that bombardier charges around 3,800$. i talked to him about my YZ400F, he says it would not be worth it on such an old motor. but a new 450 he said he could do. if i have the cash any time soon. for sure i will do it. i am surprised that that is not a big thing in the supermoto seen. or maybe it is, i am not into that. too much money!! looks like fun though. :cry:

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