Regina Z-ring chain & 80w90 gear lube... YUCK

I just put on Iron Man sprockets, and the Regina z- ring chain. Regina says to use 80w90 gear lube on the chain.

i was hesitant to do this, but did anyway. as i suspected, the chain looks like crap from all the sand sticking to the gear lube. i know the chain lube subject has been worked to death, but does anybody have any opinions on using gear lube as a chain lube ? i know i'm not to impressed with it.

you made a crappy business buying regina anyway, any other would be better quality :cry:

Thank you for your input, Mr. 5Valve :cry:

anyone else care to contribute ? :cry:

just say no to gear oil! :cry: :cry:

Regina's are fine.

I ment what I said, had already 3 broken reginas, that werent even close to stretched, while I was waiting for new one, I put on some stretched to the max DID, and it was going bulletproof

the most crappy part on regina is connector link, as the plate is not stiff enough

thats why use cheap X-ring chain (industrial 520), with very high stretch resistance and lube it with engine oil, grease or whatever lube i find, but make sure the riding conditions match the lube - anyway deep mud and water wet-clean any lube in a matter of seconds

remember that much italian mid to high-tech stuph is crap!!

Wow, Ok I believe you but You must be getting some serious HP out of your scooter, I haven't broken a chain for so long I don't even remember when it was. ( Was I stupid enough to just say that??? I better bring an extra on the next ride) :cry: :cry:

sorry I wasnt replying to you, my mistake :cry:

the first gone bad on a TTR600, low quality o rings


no chain will break if you change it every 1500 miles (of real workout), but quality shows in prolongued use

to think Im not the only one to dislike the reginas, there is quite a substantial number of people avoiding them

road reginas are supposed to be fine, as they are not so dirt enforced

just for you, no need to carry the whole chain, but an extra connector link in a pocket is a must in serious trailing

My uncle had a chain break on him in the late 80s, and it came up and put a huge gash in his back! Ouch! Can this happen with the modern cycles as well?

If a modern chain decides to slap you silly like that , i would seriously recommend anger management classes for the chain. BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. god i'm bored. :cry:

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