Good place to get a radiator

I had a jackass in a Chrysler run me off the road today ... into a guardrail at 40, the bike is a perfect charm except for the left radiator, which has a sizeable gash in it. Where's the best place to get a new/used radiator so I can get the beast back up and running and out hunting Chryslers.


Check ebay, you weren't specific about the model/year. There is a current auction for YZ/WR 450 radiators (about a day left). Hope you didn't get skinned from the crash. Good luck.


Chuck :cry:

Whoops ... 2000 WR400 is what I'm looking for. eBay looked slim at the moment, but I'm sure one will pop up there eventually.

I have used Mylers a couple of times and I have a couple of friends who have used them too. Quick turnaround, good pricing compared to new and they have been able to work miracles on some junk I've sent them.

Cool ... I think I'll put a bid in on those. I email Mylers as well and he said he could fix it no sweat, so I think I'll do both and keep one as a spare, or just drop the eBay one if the bidding goes above Mylers price.

Does anyone use radiator braces/guards? Are they worth the $50 - 80 for a set?


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