XR600R rebuild

i just bought a 93' XR600R a couple months ago. unfortunately ...to make a looong story short :cry: ... it burned over 1 qt. of oil in 120 miles and locked up on me. i have pulled the motor out and pulled the the top end off to find the rod seized on the crank. i also see some pitting on some of the trans gears , but i havent split the cases yet. i really love this bike and its got every aftermarket accesary you can add (i.e. Scotts , excels , stator , DS kit etc.. ). i want to rebuild everything myself ... the labor isnt a problem for me unless there are some special tools ill need. ill let the machine shop handle the head , cylinder and crank being pressed into the left side half lol. but i can do the rest. first off , is this just a dumb idea? should i just hunt for a used motor ? i wanna race a SCORE race next year , and want it to be bullet proof.

just looking for some advice , thanks.

team up with me and run my 450 or 650...

Price out the pieces and compare it to service honda new engine, $2400 or so. Or look for an extra complete bike and have lots of spare parts. Probably still cheaper than a complete engine rebuild. David

well its about $500 for the trans gears i need and i found a factory crank/rod new for $420. i found a new rod/crank pin for only $160 but i guess i'll have to drop the crank off at a machine shop to see of the rest of the crank is ok. i've thought alot of buying a second parts bike , but dont want someone elses junk lol. thanks for the advice, i never thought about a complete motor from SH.

Kris ... whatcha got in mind ?? my buddy backed out once i told him of the $1100 entry fee lol

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