Splits in gass tank.

Anyone have splits in your tank? You might have to look hard. I have a few in some tight places. I guess this is ok since their is a white plastic linner on the inside? :exuse me Maybe you have some too. Go look now! Take a flash light! Look near the screws that hold your rad scoups on. :cry:

Yep gottem on both sides around the lower bolt holes. Scary huh?

I just wonder what the deal with that is? Is this just on the wr450 2003, or all plastic tanks, or just me and you. :cry:

I have them as well, I just keep an eye on them :cry:, hoping they dont get worse, so far haven't changed :cry:

i have them on my '02 YZ426 but not on my WR as of yet. I have never had this happen before on a plastic tank.

I had to buy a new gas tank. Damn yamaha. You;d think with how good the engine is, that they could make decent plastics. Oh well. It looks cooler with the new white tank anyway.

Its just a shame. I guess $6,000.00 just dont get much anymore. Maybe tank will rupture out of crakes causing bike to blow-up. If I live this could be my ticket to easy living(where is John Kockren). God works in mysterious ways. :cry:

Got 1 on the R/H side up near the filler neck on my 01 WR426...about 1 inch long and .030 wide at the widest part. No leaks...yet

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