Anybody see anything wrong with this?

Ok here's what I've done to my stock exhaust, instead of buying the

hop-up tip.

First, I completely gutted out the stock tip. The muffler is now

just an empty canister, with the stainless tip on the end. Then I

purchased a White Bros. R4 spark arrestor screen for $15, and welded it onto the endcap.

Any thoughts?

Hey Kevin,

When you say that you completely gutted the stock insert, does that mean you eliminated the end plate that lines up with the first baffle inside?

I'm running the Honda power up insert, but I also played with the stock insert as you have. I completely eliminated any flow restrictions so that all that was left was the screen around the outside. Obviously not a spark arrestor at that point, and fairly loud compared to the hop up insert. It did make decent power but I really don't think it was much better than the new insert. Your idea is certainly a cost effective alternative and it would be interesting to compare the results against the Honda power up insert.

Fast dirt

00 XR650R

I completely eliminated everything on the stock insert. If you look in the end of my pipe, all you see is emptiness inside it. The only thing left of the stock insert is the stainless end peice that bolts on with 3 little bolts.

It's probably too loud, that is the only thing I would see (hear) wrong with it. I am not sure on the 650, but most of the inserts have a baffle that keeps it from being a straight shot out the rear. Doesn't affect flow if it the right tip, just cuts the bite.

Its louder than the hop up baffle, but more quiet than a White Bros. R4.

Hey Red Thunder,

Just curious, where are you doing most of your riding in Oregon? Are spark arrestors not an issue, and what about noise concerns? Next door in Washington it's tough to go anywhere and ride without a spark arrestor, with the obvious exception of private property, even there though, noise is an issue. You know, trying not to piss off more people than we have to.



Spark arrestors are mandatory on all public lands here. Oregon's decibel limit is 99dB. As long as I can meet that, I'm not worried. I'm positive that the way my stock pipe is setup, I could pass 99dB. I had a Big Gun Race Series on my XR600 that was louder (about as loud as the R4 on the 650), and it passed at 97dB with a spark arrestor.

I do most of my riding here on the coast; in the trails or in the dunes. Sometimes I ride down around Medford, as well.

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Red Thunder,

So I take it your running the R4 on your 650.

How do you think it compares to the stock pipe opened up?



I was running the R4 for a while. Not sure how it would compare to the hop-up baffle, but I'd have to say I can't feel a difference between it and my stock pipe.

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