Ignition Coil

Bike was cutting out like mad yesterday. I was only street riding, so no chance of getting wet or anything.

It was backfiring and kicking like a mule.

Not a fuel issue though(filled up with premium gas, drained carb, made sure air filter was ok etc.), definetly something electrical.

Bypassed the kickstand safety switch. Not the problem.

Next, I will try a new ignition coil.

Any thought, let me know.

Al :cry:

Hey there.I'm having trouble with mine as well.If I figure anything out I'll let you know.I have an intermittent spark problem that is giving me fits!!Coil or CDI?????AHHHHHH!!!! I hope there is an answer. :cry:

Mine acted like this, and it turned out to be water in the fuel- I had to drain the tank, clean the sock, and clean that little bowl at the bottom of the petcock. When I drain the bowl, I drain it into a clear glass cup (like pilots do) so the water is easy to see- it looks like little blobs on the bottom.

Another time it acted like this, was because I was using a long pilot jet instead of the correct short one. The pink slosh baffle in the bowl would wiggle around enough to cover the pilot jet.

I've heard of similar symptoms from the resistor in the spark plug cap going bad- try replacing that (its cheap).

Could be a bad ground.

The plug could be cracked, or have deposits on the insulator.

I have heard of CDI problems on this bike, so its very feasible.


The spark plug boot tested ok, so I ordered an ignition coil. Under 50 bucks here in the North. Its a lot cheaper to start this way than with a CDI.

I'll let you know how I make out.

Al :cry:

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