I have been thinking that Xrs have been getting weaker rather than stronger. The most recent xr250 I rode couldn't even begin to compare to my old XL250 from top to bottom. As a matter of fact, my 400 was feeling quite pathetic until I did some mods. Still no where near my CR250, but at least it is tolerable.

I guess you can sooth him by saying at least it's newer than yours.

There are a lot of little difference between the bikes that can add up.

First is the 600 a california model? If so, you have so much smog stuff on there it is killing the power.

Second, gearing. You running the same gearing? Plus you have a 17" rear wheel. What about the 600? If it is 89 or newer it will have a 18". Could make a difference in tire size and overall gearing.

Weight, they did get heavier as they got older.

How about things like get an aftermarket filter? Rejet the carb? Open the exhaust a bit?

lastly , what is your weight and your buddies weight?

I will take a guess here that your bike is not stock and his is. It can make a difference. Have your friend on the 600 install a 13 tooth front sprocket and then go at it again.

I had an '84 XR500 with a 10.25:1 piston, Cobra pipe, and a Uni Filter. After that bike, I got a '99 XR600, put a Uni Filter and a White Bros. E-Series on it. The 500 had 14/50 gearing, the 600 had 14/48 gearing.

There was no comparison between the two--the 600 would wipe the floor with the 500. Truly a day to night difference.

How do I sooth my friend with his 600? My 500R walks all over his bike in the straights, everywhere.

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