Allen wrench (socket cap) carb bolts

anyone know off-hand the sizes of the bolts for the carb float for the stock xr650r carb (2003)? Next time I mess with the carb I would like to replace the bolts with socket cap bolts to permit use of a allen wrench. I think they are m4x16, but can anyone confirm?

I just got back from the hardware store and that is what I bought (m4-16).

Actually, I bought 4 shorter ones as well just in case- good thing, one would have been too long.

Just put an old one in your pocket and go to the hardware store. As you walk in, your subconscious might tell you, "if they see me digging in my pocket, they might think I am shoplifting". If this happens, take the old one out of your pocket and roll it around in your hand while planning your explaination story as to why you are not paying for it on the way out. This method works for me!



Try these folks out- save you tons of trips to the hardware store...

Good quality stuff, a must have. :cry: :cry:

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