Any good news about Big Gun Exhaust on 650r

Does anyone have any good info on the Big Gun exhaust system? (Head pipe and silencers) The guys at Baja Designs can't say enough good things about the pipe combo. They seem to think it is the best for the xr650r. I have seen some negative feedback on this site, but does anyone have any good feedback. I dont want to spend a bunch of money and be disapointed, when i can just get the power up kit and have good power. Please help!!!

Is your bike stock? Have you unstopped the intake and exhaust? If the bike is stock, you will hurt the performance by installing that system.

I just ordered the Baja Designs "power up " kit and I left out the "un corked" end cap. I would like to order the big gun headpipe and silencer on sunday if it would be a good match. If it is not a good match I will Order Baja's end cap. Tell me what you think.

Sorry but i,m not familiar with baja designs power-up kit. Honda makes a power up kit that includes cam,piston, etc. that requires a much less restrictive exhaust sys. Honda also offers a exhaust insert and a intake manifold that is referred to as a full power kit. This mod alone will take the main jet from a 125 to a 175 depending on your elevation. The main question is what will you be doing with the bike, and what do you want it to do?

Go to the "files" section of the Yahoo XR650 discussion group. There is a pipe shootout for the 650 there.

The Big Gun got the worst performance grade. Less power everywhere than the stocker, except for a one horsepower gain passed about 8,000 RPM.

Here's the exact link for you on the pipe shootout. The White Brothers E Series silencer with the stock pipe was the best overall performer in my opnion. The stock pipe is a very good pipe and Honda did their homework when they made it. The comp insert from Honda is also sold by Baja Designs and when used with the stock pipe, it offers more performance than most of the aftermarket exaust systems. The Big Gun exhaust is a very nice looking and it might save some weight, but I wouldn't have it on my bike.

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