IMS XR650R "7 gallon" tank

This post is in reply to a Thumpertalk private message by Clint asking about the IMS "7 gallon" tank for the XR650R.

I used the XR650R for 240 hours as a dual sport through Mexico and Central America. The IMS "7 gallon" tank was great for this trip, because sometimes I needed to go as many as 295 miles on a tank to get to a station with unleaded premium, and most of the riding was not very technical. Incidentally, unleaded premium is now available throughout Central America, you can drive your catalytic converter-equipped car/truck down there.

Seated, the tank's width is no problem. But standing, my knees were splayed to the point that my ankles had a tough time keeping my boots flat on the pegs.

I have been putting quotes around "7 gallon" because although I have not measured the capacity, it seems to be closer to six gallons than seven. My XR got real good gas mileage for a big single, 50-60mpg (two tanks at exactly 60mpg).

I have been riding a Suzuki DRZ400E in the woods for the past two years. As you may have heard, the radiators on the DRZ are very vulnerable. So one of the main reasons that I wanted to use this IMS tank on the XR was for radiator protection. The tank does a great job of protecting the radiators in a crash. However, I believe that the IMS tank also damaged a radiator. There are plastic spacers that fit between the radiators and the wings of the tank. These spacers melted slightly. As a result, the bolts that go through the tank wings and screw into the radiators were pulling out on the radiators. Combined with the pounding of potholed dirt roads and jeep trails, one of the radiators pulled apart slightly and I had to have it repaired in Panama City. No problems since, but it could happen again.

The plastic fuel line fittings that screw into the tank require a good sealant or they will leak.

Hope this feedback is helpful.

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