EXC 400 01 vs WR400 99

I tried the KTM today and it gave me even more determination to stay blue

(KTM has 2000 miles on the clock, mine are unknown, presumably 9000)

KTM less powerfull of the two, my mods are none, except for open muffler

bike has no mid hit and also the highs seem less powerful compared to WR all round usable rpm range

KTM seems lighter and maybe better balanced as you can pull a wheelie with only touching the throttle and transfering the weight backward while the WR needs substantial throttle to do that, but you know, rpm's on the jap are not underfed

gearbox was a bit more rough than mine

when riding it, engine made noise as some farm device, as yamaha makes godly noise (boy am I impartial :cry:)

the only thing really better was the suspension with no sharp hitting front end, bike was just flowing over any obstacle you bumped it into, super for enduro, I should grab its WP's and put them on my WR

it might be a bit old bike comparison :cry: (KTM 400 still being made)

any other KTM VS yamaha experience?

My friend traded his WR426 for a 450exc.

He did it originlly for the e-start.He

is much faster on the KTM.I can no longer

smoke him on the long straights,and he is

quicker in the woods too.He says he will never

go back.

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