Edelbrock pumper carb

Just put my pumper carb on and this carb rips!!!this carb comes with everything you need to install it. here`s the address to order , Barnums Pro Products, 2525 Marco Rd. Phelan, Ca. 92371. Phone# 706-868-8097 Denise and Rob are very nice people to work with.

Joe,,which model did you put it on?

Ossagpi, i put the pumper carb on a 650r

I installed mine tonight and the BRP started right up! will test ride tomorrow. Instant response off idle. Should be a blast!

Thump on!

Originally posted by nvccsup:

I installed mine tonight and the BRP started right up! will test ride tomorrow..

Looking forward to also hearing your comments on this.

I've been out riding for the last 4 days and really appreciate how easy my XR starts hot/cold or when dumped and the throttle response is excellent. I went over to another camp site a few nights ago to check out another toy box trailer and noticed there was a XR650R in the group. We got to talking about various things including bikes and I let the other XR650R rider take mine for a spin to see if he noticed anything different. To make a long story short, he now wants an Edelbrock pumper.

If anyone here wants a special price from Barnums Pro Products, just call or email them and tell them you want "Susan's Edelbrock deal" and they'll give you a special price. "Susan" is their code word right now for the temporary discount they are offering. You can email them directly at barnums_pro@yahoo.com or contact them via the information already posted above.

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