Recived the powernow that I ordered and they sent me the

new powernow plus, however it says that it fits a 03/04

YZ/WRF 250 and 450.

I belive that it's not going to work on my 01 WR426, I thought that incresed the carb size from 37mm to 39mm

on the 03 YZF/WRF's am I right or wrong and it will

fit my 01 WRF426 the part # they sent me is PNY2/4

and the one that is for my Yam PNY4

Thanks for any info :cry: :cry:

Got help thanks, and I was right it was the wrong part

the corect one is part #PNY4. :cry:

So the 03 Power Now doesn't work with an 01 bike?

Correct, the early version's bolt to the back of the

carb, where as the newer version fits in to the back of the

carb itself. :cry:

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