I think I got corked

I have a 2004 XR650L and was hoping to uncork it this weekend, but things are on hold as of now. The plan was to:

1) Remove the snorkel and install K&N filter (done)

2) Perform the popular carb mods as described here

55s pilot, 158 primary, drill slide holes and shim needle

I have the 158 in and drilled the slide & shimmed, but

the 55s pilot that the hippie at the parts counter sold me does not fit! (lesson learned- take the original with you- my bad)

3) Install an aftermarket pipe

I ordered a White Bros pro-circuit 496 pipe, but the one

that was delivered turns out to fit an XR400. The part numbers are realllllie close in their catalog, but I just point and click ordered the one that they said fit my make / model- I ordered it from cyclestuffusa.com

So now I'm going to have to wait until Monday to see if I can either find the right jet locally, or order one online and wait for delivery.

As far as the pipe goes, I might just return it and see how it runs with the stock pipe.

I could have probably avoided both problems if I would have done it right the first time by just dealing with a vendor that knows what they are doing to begin with- live and learn I guess.


I did the mods last friday and i havent got the 55 jet, i still run the stock 52 and i only had to ajust idle screw a little to keep it from stalling! ! Gettin the 55 jet this monday! I use the stock exhaust but I drilled the removable tip on the part that goes inside(only the first layer of steel, not drilled trough the whole thing) It a little less restrictive that way and sounds way better!! So you can run with stock idle jet and stock exhaust and youre still gonna see a great improvement! :cry: :cry: :cry:

Hey- thanks for feedback. I couldn't stand to leave things apart, so I put it back together to try out what I had done so far. It ran pretty good for just the few things I actually did. My pilot jet is a 50s stock. I will still try a 55s when I can get my hands on one. I'm still floundering with the exhaust decision. Waiting a week for one that doesn't even fit sucks, so I might just try opening the stock one for now. Do you have any pics or links to any info on modifying an L's welded exhaust? The bike pulls better in the low/mid range, but it seems flat in the higher rpm's.

Thanks, Mike

The bike pulls better in the low/mid range, but it seems flat in the higher rpm's

Should have bought a "650R"! :cry: :cry:

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah we know, the 650R has more power, blah blah blah...

I'd love to have a 650R, but I'd ride it at the same speed as my 650L- the only advantage for me would be the weight reduction.

The L is a very capable bike if your not looking for better than a B or B+ enduro pace.


The stock pipe does make it a bit flat on top. Its better if you grind off the welds holding the endcap on, and pull the bolts, and pull the restrictor. Its a bit loud for me, though.

Some 650Ls have a crappy weld at the flanges where it clamps to the head. I checked mine, it was perfect, but I've heard some are crappy.

You can squeeze a little more airflow out of it if you find a way to get more air under the seat- its very restrictive under there! This mod will gain a little top end, even with the stock pipe with the baffle.


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