Hawaii Dualsport Rental

We are leaving for Oahu Jan. 24. Wanting to rent a dualsport bike. Haven't had much luck finding one. Found lots of harleys though.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences?



I've seen adds for a dualsport tour on the island of Kauai. I've never been on the ride, but I have been to Kauai, it is the garden island. It is probably one of the most natural islands, the least touched by man. It is quite beautiful. I'm not sure how much the inter-island flights are, they can't the that much. If you have time, and can't find dualsports on any other island, give it a try. The website is 2wheels.com, I didn't see mention of the tour on the site, but I swear they do dualsport tours/rentals. Give 'em a call, good luck.

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