Mystery spark?

Hey gang.Got a problem.My 650l will run for a couple minutes and then die,from a loss of spark.If I toggle the run/off switch and hit the starter it will fire up and run again.It will do this several times,and then it won't run for a while.I have gone through all the plugs and connections,and tried to make sure there are no bare wires or grounds.I am wondering about the coil or the CDI.The bike shops here have no idea and figure I should replace both.Sounds fine except if that don't fix it,no returns.Anyone have any ideas on this?I don't know what to do. :cry: :cry:

If cycling the on/off switch really works, and is not just your routine after it dies, then wrap the handlebar under the switch with electrical may be grounding out. Just a thought....I always go for the easy fixes first.

Could be the resistor in the plug cap is going bad- a cheap fix to try.


90% of spark problems stem from a bad stator, test it first using a multimeter, failing that it would be your coil.

Good luck!

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