XR650L exhaust

I want to get a new exhaust for my husbands XR650L, any suggestions?

As is, he is committing a crime against the bike by continuing to run it with a stock muffler with an itty, bitty little hole in the end.


I have a Cobra ISDE exhaust I am selling. If you are interested.


Appreciate the offer Ray, but I'm researching for something new.

Why are you getting rid of the Cobra and what are you upgrading too??


I went with the FMF power core IV "Q" about a year ago. I needed the quieter pipe for some of the rides I do. I just did not want to go back to stock. I did like the sound the Cobra has it was just too loud on some organized rides.

Good luck,


I have a Yoshi with a quiet insert. I'm happy with it, although they may be a little pricy.

Yoshi without the insert though is too loud. Big Gun, even louder.

FMF quiet may be the most popular, and quiet to boot.

Less sound equals more ground.

Al :cry:

Just tried ordering a White Brothers E series S pipe from 4 different sites and they had NADDA for the 650L.

I am curious...does the pipe system vary much from the 650R??

Could I order something for the R and have it match up with the L??


I dont know about it matching up on the L but ihave the same pipe on mine and I love it. Only downside is its really loud :cry:

FMF hmmm?!!

I'll research that.

Yeah...quiet is good, is more his style anyhow.

His bike is big and bad enough that he doesn't need the pipes to sound all meaty like my little bike does!

The search continues... this is fun browsing the web...just hardcore saddened there are no White Brothers to be found.

I really would like to get him a quality pipe that will accentuate his bike nicely. :cry:

If they do not have a listing for the XR650L try the XR600R. It uses the same chassis and the pipe will fit with out any problems. I ran one listed for the 600 for a while before getting a quieter one.


The XR650R parts won't fit. The suggestion about a later0model XR600 exhaust is a good one- the parts bolt right up.


I have a PRO_CIRCUIT T4 on my XRL (2" open) and it's pretty loud ,but it runs GREAT ! :cry:

Another vote for the Yoshi Pipe. Just installed one on my 04 650L and it ROCKS! but it will need the TEC insert for trail riding. Its listed as a pipe for a 600R but you wont find anything about it on the Yoshi web site as they have discontinued it. I got it off of ebay from jc motors.

As is, he is committing a crime against the bike by continuing to run it with a stock muffler with an itty, bitty little hole in the end.


I run the Supertrapp IDS2 QS slip-on with a 2 1/2" opening. The thing looks like a frickin' jet engine. Not too loud, much lighter than stock, and tunable with the (internal) disc system. Very happy with this one and not too expensive.

Good luck.

I went with the Suppertrap IDS2 quiet core and I love it. I can tune the bike for altitude by adding and removing disks. I can also get a race core for when loud is not a problem. The best thing about the Suppertrap is that it’s only 180 bucks. That’s almost 100 less than any other pipe, and it’s the only one that you can tune to your liking.

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