XR600 no spark/start

Hey guys, first time here and I need some help. I just picked up a 86 XR600, 630cc kit, cams, ported, Muzzy pipe, rear disc, aluminum bars, a nice bike. The bike started and ran great (scarey fast!) when I picked it up. Now I can't get it to start. I can't detect any spark at the plug. I tried a new plug because the old one was wet= no spark. I checked the plug connector and found an open circuit. The connector inside was unscrewed and tightening it fixed that problem= still no spark. I checked the coil resistance and got approx 400 ohms between the coil wire and both terminals. Don't have specs so I don't know if thats good or not. Does anyone have a electrical troubleshooting tree for a no start condition? How about specs for ignition components? I don't have a manual yet but will get one soon, just looking for some advance help if possible.

The info I've read here says the stator has the lighting and ignition windings together. What are the two wires coming out of the clutch side cover that go to the cdi box? Any and all help appreciated. :cry:

The two wires coming out of the front right of the engine are from the pulse generator, it tells the cdi when the crank is at a certain position, there's a trigger (magnet) on the crank, without that signal no spark ($55). The stator tends to be the weak link, in my experience any way. My 87 would run great sometime, others couldn't get it to start, flood it and it was done. Stator, Ricky stator one source ($135), seemed to fix my problem, I replaced the coil first with no change. I replaced pulse generator and stator at same time. I had to file my new pulse generator down because it only had maybe 0.001" clearance, I opened up to 0.008-0.010. Starts reliably now, still not easily but will start, even after a fall.

David, 87 xr600

Hangon- Check your stator with a multimeter first, these were a bit of a weakness in the early 85-90 XR600's. It should read around 200-300 ohms between the black/red wire going to the stator cover and earth, if not it's toast and you'll have to rewind it! Good luck!

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