any one ealse break '96 XR600R frame?

after i noticed a big crack at the neck of my '96 XR600 frame, i took it to a friend of mine who has 20 years of welding experiance. after he took it apart and looked into it, he is convinced that it is a factory defect. any one ealse have this problem? a honda rep told me that it DOES NOT HAPPEN and that it DID NOT HAPPEN (he thinks i made it up?) on the phone. now i own a yamaha, and am looking into a cannondale. i would like to get a new frame. does anyone have a frame for sale, or maybe a parts bike with good frame and bad motor? if so, let me know. thanks.

Good luck on finding a frame for the beast. Broken frames down low around the footpegs are real common as is crushed tubing so if the top ain't broke the botom may be. Welding may be your best bet or one of the salvage yards.

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