wr450 pros and cons and a lot of questions

i'm 6'4" 290 and i had to make the bike bigger! this was the closest stock bike i'd ever got on that felt like it was made for me. now after a few mods it's about perfect. the adaptability of this bike is unreal,some go towards dual-sport and you can go race with the same bike with a change of tires.unbeleivable compared to a few years ago . :cry: it's a shame they've downsized for 05 :cry:

6'2" / 220 and the ergos are the best of any dirt bike that i have tried, i.e. crf450, exc450. crf450 is better mx bike, but close ratio trani and no e start are deal breakers compared to the wr. also, although motor and suspenders are great, i found the crf hard to start. wr is a better all-round package.

you could always just move out of Kalifornia,

Nah, you should stay in Cali, don't move out of state. The riding is just horrible here and the winters are way to long and cold..You guys are much better off staying in the golden state :cry:

Yeah, and it's WAY too hot in Arizona... :cry:

You nailed it Cowboy! I thought I was the only rider that lost sleep because of the WanaRide 450! :cry:

Doesn't Talon make one?

I hear West Coast Wheels is going to have one soon. :cry:

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