Starter problems claim another 03 WR

Hi all,

Just informing everyone of my quandary. My starter decided to take a dump today during a harescramble. This isn't related to the woodriff key issue. I fixed that a long time ago when the bike only had 2.3 miles on it. (Upgraded to the 04 parts) What I believe happened today is that my stator/starter clutch grenaded on me. I haven't taken the bike apart yet, but from what I have read in the posts that I searched, I'm 99% sure that's what my problem is. All the syptoms that I have are exactly as described in other posts.

??? Does anyone know of upgrades to fix the problem with the stator/starter clutch???

Considering this bike has only seen 7 (2-hour) races so far, I really don't want to put the new factory parts in it to have it grenade again in another 7 races. :cry:

There have been starter clutch failures but it's MUCH less common that the woodruff key issue was when they first came out. I'm suprised that yours went out with only 14 hours of riding on it but I would replace it and not worry about the second one failing that soon. Most of us have thousands of miles on our 03's with no starter clutch problems. I haven't heard of any upgrades to the starter clutch--In fact, the 04's and the 03's use the same part. Good luck!! :cry:

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