Stock Jetting

Does anybody know of any websites that I can go to that displays what the stock jetting for the WR's is? I found one on FMF but thats their recommendation. I want to know my starting point without pulling my carb to pieces

Need more info. What year/size of bike? Do you have any mods? My 04 stock jetting was a #160 Main, #42 Pilot, #70 Pilot Air Jet, #60 Leak Jet, I think a #52 starter jet. You can look at parts microfiche at the yamaha website but they list a couple sizes for some of the jets.

I may be wrong, but take a look in the back of your Yamaha manual, I recall all the stock sizes being in there for all models (US, Euro & Oz/NZ).

I'll check later 4 ya!

page 2-8 of the owner's manual

funny - my '04 has different stock jetting than treebark. i've got a 165 main and a 45 pilot.

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