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MX is on ESPN2!

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Anyone draggin this morning after lasts nights ESPN coverage of Glen Helen. I just got finished pulling the bike appart to tech it for the ride this weekend. I went in and flipped on the tube to check the scores. Lo and behold to my weary eyes motorcross on latenight. 125 Class was easy to stay up for but the 250's was alittle ruff. Bubba was on fire. On the final lap did you see him wheele the hill? Ricky was unstoppable a fitting way to finish up the season. I was confused by MC's interview when he said that everyone else has made the decision for him to come back. :cry: What gives Jeremy? I'd like to see you come back but I'm just a fan bro. Maybe the remark was edited in a way to come off weird. I think the Quote of the day was taken from Ricky when he said if anyone will dethrown him it will be Bubba. :cry: Its nice to see the respect being given in alot of the interviews. Grant Langston is headed back to the 125's :cry: CHERRY PICKER!! He and Brown should start their own bike club CPR Cherry Picker Racing. The only problem is you need to win not just hang in the top 10. Their taking away contracts for up incomers that need the $backing. Oh well come on US Open....Big $ handout for a shoebox style race. If it wasn't for the money I don't think this race would get any respect. :cry:

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