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Busted it again... Replacing time...

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I busted another fork seal. My race today was real bad my bike was everywhere, it seams like everything i hit my bike bounces and doesnt obsorb anything. So tomorrow i am pulling up the parts fr the shocks at work and ordering everything (internals) and seals. My question.. How do i know if i need a new spring. What oil weight to use and how much.. I know some people that revalve shocks use more or less oil weight. What is the difference between doing it my self and having some guy (full travle or bruses suspension) to do it for me? All thety would do is change springs and oil weight right? then click it to how soft or hard. Am i correct on this or what? I have another race at Brushy Mtn in 2 weeks and i want to be able to actually compete. My shocks havent been right for a while and i have posted many tiems about my fork seal leaking problem. Maybe it is a internal piece bent or something. ALso what is your opention on the M12 tire (front and rear) or do you prefer something better for hairscrambles? Thank you...

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