stock 02 wr426 vs Modded out XR440?

Ok just got my 98XR400 back from being bored out again this time to 440 and Im runing the 11 to 1 compression and a stage one hotcam. I have got the oppurtunity to buy an 2002 wr426 which is all stock and in perfect shape for 2grand from my uncle who is getting out of the sport. He kept perfect care of the bike and I really enjoy riding it and love the suspension compared to my XR. I was just wondering how much maintence is involved in owning a WR compared to the XR, Ive had my XR for three years and it has never broke once and is still in near perfect condition. Secondly I was wondering how much the diffrence in power is. All the times i have rode my uncles bikes have been aorund tight trails and small hill climbs, i have put about 20 miles on it this past weekend but never got to really open it up. Im sure it is much faster but I was wondering how well does it hit off t he bottom my XR is set up like a tractor and i love it. I was wondering how the bottom end power of a stock WR and Moded XR would be i dont race and would consider myself a moderatly aggresive rider and the trials i ride are pretty tight with lots of rocky rutted out hills. Any help or recomendations would be great, thanks

I have got the oppurtunity to buy an 2002 wr426 which is all stock and in perfect shape for 2grand

Keep your XR, btw, how much is it to ship a WR from Ohio to FL??? :cry:

I'd say it's a very big trade up. I had a 1999 XR400 with just a pipe, airfilter, jets, etc. The power really wasn't the issue with the reason I got rid of the bike. The suspension blows and it handles weird. Bare minimum, the front needs fork springs and a Scotts fork brace to get rid of the flex.

The WR is very reliable if you just do the maintenance. Change the oil and filter regularly with good quality oil and clean the air filter. It's a little more work to check the valves but it's not bad and it's a much more advanced setup. Mine only required adjustment 1 time in 1600 miles and they were barely out of spec. Also, do the maintenance on the fork seals as described in the manual and they'll last a lot longer. :cry:

For $2000, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

I just went to an '04 WR450 from a slighty modified '03 XR400 and the difference is night and day. I can still tractor the 450, I would think the 426 as well, like the XR. The suspension is night and day as is the power. Much better hit on the low end and the ability to open the throttle and pull wheelies over the rocks, roots, etc. Maintenience...same question I had as the XR is a bullet proof rig. Oil changes are more frequent but take the same amount of time as on the XR and air cleaners. It is the easiest bike to maintain of all the liquid cooled thumpers out there. I am no wrench, that is why I have owned XR's and went to the WR. Buy the blue bike and keep the XR as a "Guest Bike". :cry:

Ok bought the bike and picked it early this afternoon, took it out for a ride at a freinds track in his back yard (not very big only 1.2 miles and only 6 jumps) One thing I noticed right off the bat is that it has alot more power everywhere except off the bottom, it feels like it might be geared too tall but i suspect its because of the plugged up exhuast and not being jetted properly. The suspension kick a$$ and was head over heals better then my XR even aftger i spent close to 350 dollars having it setup. the bike feels lighter and is a lot easier to throw around ( im a big guy at 6'4" 265 so even the 250lb wr feels light, and before this i rode a xr400 and my old mans xr600 which r both porkers) I have read alot about them coming off the showroom floor being very restricted and my quesiton is what mods need to be done to make this beast even more beastly? does it need to be rejected or does it need a new exhuast of can i just celan out the stock exhaust i also have read about a gray wire or something? I know the stock xr400 exhuast was terriably constrictive and the stock carb sucked so i got a mikuni pumper carb and a new exhaust and did the Gordon mode to my XR it was night and day diffrence evne with out hte new cam and big bore kits i installed later. So my question is what should i do to my new bike to "Gordon" it or for those not familar with XRs to open it up?

Free mods

This site has all the free mods, and a few that cost a little bit, that you can do to your bike. The site is for the 250s, but the info is the same. Just go by what is says for the 02WR250f. BTW, the GYT-R exhaust tip for the stock pipe makes a decent amount of power with minimal noise increase. If you don't care how loud it is just take it out.

Good luck.

when my 426 was almost all stock I blew my friends xr 440 away and it had an edlbrock carb on it and a different cdi unit :cry:

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