87 XR 600

How do I get the carbs out of my 600? I have taken everything off of them, but they will not come out of the frame, the fit is too tight. Do I need to take the air box off? If so how do I do this. A diagram or picture, etc would be great. Thanks for any help.


I'm not real familiar with the dual carb '87 600, but even on a single carb bike, removing the airbox is almost always necesary, if not very helpful. Good luck.

That is kind of what I figured, but I have tried getting it off and cannot. I took off all the bolts and the ones going from the box to the flages going into the carb and cannot get it loose?? Any help there?

I got the dual carbs off my old 500 with the airbox still on. I can't remember exactly, but I think I may have slid them out towards the left (shift lever) side of the bike. Yeah, its a royal PITA, but trying to get the airbox off the dual carb model is even worse yet.

First thing is pull the boots from the airbox back out of the way and outside the frame rails. Yeah, it'll look funny but this will give you room to work. Back and down. Be sure to plug up holes with something so crap doesn't fall into your engine.

Thanks guys, I will give it a try. Not in a real big hurry though, we got alot of snow here, so I am a little occupied with snowmobiling right now.

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