Why not to get intimate with trees.

Had a big OOPS today. This is why hitting trees is bad:

Clicky 1

Clicky 2

Clicky 3

So anyone know a good place to buy replacement radiators quick and inexpensive? I have hopes of racing one of my favorite Hare Scrambles next weekend.

Still not sure exactly how I ended up kissing the tree, rocks before it somehow tossed me off course. You should have seen the tree though :cry:. Between the side of my helmet, the handguard and the radiator we removed some bark.


your best bet would be to probably go to your local dealer ASAP and get one red labeled (overnighted) you will definitely pay for it but it will get here before the weekend. :cry:

Invest in DEVOL rad guards!!!! best investment ever......rads are expensive, i bought an extra spare set on ebay i found right and left for 50bucks.......but once you get new ones get rad guards for sure theve saved mine already a bunch of times.......


They can help you fast and at low costs..

Thanks everyone.

I am going to call the dealer today.

Was definately already looking at the radiator guards.

And BTO only seems to sell them in pairs :cry:. Unless I am missing something. My right side is untouched.

You can get it to Mylers and back by the weekend and It'll be as good as new and cheaper than a new one. 800-367-7699 or 801-280-8040 http://www.motorcycleradiators.com/

I 2nd the Mylers stuff, When you get it back you will completly suprised and happy.

Thanks Stumpy and Dog. I actually sent them an email with links to the pictures last night and just called them to follow up. I found their ad in Dirt Rider. They hadn't had a chance to look at emails yet, but she promised me when someone got back from lunch they would get me an answer. (Crossing fingers). I hope that works as the local stealership wants $276 :cry:.

Radiator guards wouldn't have helped your tree surgery. You would have had to replace them as well. They help with lower impacts though. Yamaha's parts prices are outrageous. I guess the good thing is you didn't get hurt.

Another vote for mylers...my 426s radiators looks ALOT like yours...they fixed em up like new...if i remember correctly it was only like 70 bucks.

Well, as misery loves company, I thought I'd share the results of my Sunday ride. This was on the John Bull Trail for those familiar with the SoCal Big Bear trail system.







So much for the radiator guard.


Anyway, I shipped it off to Mylers this evening for them to work their magic.

Been sayin it for years...flimsly aluminum radiator guards do nothing to save your radiator! :cry: :cry:

Been sayin it for years...flimsly aluminum radiator guards do nothing to save your radiator! :cry: :cry:

I dunno man. I'd bet they help, a lot, to a point anyway. I mean, if you are going to crash the bike real damn hard on it's side, sure, they rad is going to be trashed. However, the guards may save the rads during many of minor wrecks or altercations with tress or just dumping the bike on it's side that may damage or smash the radiator without totally crushing it. I've had some tasty wrecks over the past few months, and I'm glad I've got a good set of guards. I ride in rocks.

Check out Flatland Racing:

Flatland Racing

They're stuff is thick. And well put together. My riding pal has Devol (sp?) rad guards and skid plate. My Flatland guards are much thicker, and the rad guards are one peice. My Ti header was trashed a while back, but my rads are still true :cry:


i've got a (as you sit on the bike) left side radiator (the side without the cap). It has written on it 05 450 .... don't know if they've changed the design between the years or not.

I was going to put it on ebay one of these days when I get around to it for $100.00 + shipping.

Been sayin it for years...flimsly aluminum radiator guards do nothing to save your radiator! :cry: :cry:

My Works Connectoin flimsy aluminum radiator guards haved saved my bacon more than once! I've taken a few nasty tumbles on my bike (never tried to get intimate with a tree yet though) and my rads are as straight as the day I bought the bike.

Thanks ID250F,

I am pretty sure the 450 ones are different. Everything I have seen lists the 00-02, then the 450F. :cry:

Im sorry, but an 1/8th inch thick peice of aluminum may save you if you lay the bike over, but with a full on radiator hit they arent going to do a thing but be another 50 dollar accessory your going to have to buy after you fix your mangled radiators. Ive had two bikes with them and one without...the two bikes with the braces i still managed to twist the radiators into submission...the one without them has seen some HARD get-offs and their still straight as could be. They might help a little bit, but i have yet to see them save a radiator is a wreck like the picture above.

Yeah, the damage to the radiator occurred with almost zero forward velocity. I was going over some rocks, was in the wrong gear, tired, suffered a major brain fart, and was teetering on the rock motionless for what seemed like an eternity. Just the slightest fwd momentum would have pulled me clear, but the afore mentioned brain fart prevailed and I fell to the left right where there was a good size boulder between the handle bars and wheel. Crunch!! Results above.

However, in defense of the guards they have saved the rads numerous times in minor get-off and crashes (as evidenced by the damage to the shrouds while the radiator was unscathed.

One word! FLOUDINE! :cry:

You mean Mylers can fix a radiator as mangled as that. :cry: :cry:

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