Lectron Carb on a 426

Does anyone have any experience with Lectron carbs on their YZ's? I am doing a quad conversion, and the engine I got came with a 40mm Lectron, just wondering how this compares with the stock FCR?

FFR or RHC will know, they are flat trackers and if I remember right, Lectrons were notorious on the dirt track. :cry:

My experience with Lectrons is fairly limited. I know a few guys that run them in Pro Stock and Pro Street bikes. As far as I know, the Lectron doesnt have an idle circuit, which would make it very hard to get good contol down low. They are a great full throttle carby, but doubt they would work well on a dirt bike application.

They are a great full throttle carby, but doubt they would work well on a dirt bike application.

Same experience here. Great drag race carb where max airflow is important, but a real PITA carb when you have lots of throttle transitions. A well tuned FCR is really tough to beat.

Drop that lectron like a bad habit and get a fcr I have had expierence with the lectron and they are a pain especially if they aren't tuned. Besides jets and needles are readily available for fcr and its a pumper!I also have a 426 in a quad frame

How much do you think I could get for the 40mm Lectron? What other applications would it work on? Would a CRF450 carb work on the YZ? I am new to the whole 4 stroke thing, and don't know all that much... just the basics...

Not to knock this off, but how does the edelbrock carb stand up?

i too would like to know how the edelbrock carb does.

YZFan has an eddlebrock on his 400 and loves it. He couldn't get rid of the bog and ended up trying the eddlebrock and really likes it. I ride with him on occasion and he has no problems starting it at all and it seems to run good, haven't ridden the bike myself though. Send him a PM if he doesn't see this thread.

I've had the Edelbrock for about six months now, after the 470 kit, head work and cams I never could get the FCR to really work right. The bike now starts right up, hot or cold, with no choke, hot start or TPS. For me it was a great investment.



Edelbrock cards are the way to go!!!! I tried every jet and needles to fix the bog. Tried the free mod for the pump adjustment no luck. It was either buy the Edelbrock or sell the bike due to the bog. Put the Edelbrock on and have been super happy with the bike eversence. Oh and the bog has never shown its ugly face again. If you get the Edelbrock also get the Zip Ty hot start even if I crash it will start on the 1st of 2nd try with the hot start. I hope this helps and good luck

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