450 won't start


I was riding the other day and the bike cut out

At first I thought I must have run out of fuel

Turn it to reserve

Started and rode on.

100 meters up the road and it cut out again

Went to start and nothing. Wouldnt even turn over. Like a dead battery or something. I tried to kick start it but again, nothing.

I started to wheel it home. It was night time and I couldnt see a thing.

As a last resort I tried to bump start it.

I seemed like it wanted to go. So I hit the button and she fired to life. Rode the 2 km home without a problem

Next morning I went to start it and again, nothing. Not even a click in the starter.

Pushed it forward in 3rd gear to turn the motor over, hit the button and it started.

I'm baffled. I cant seem to get it to do it again, but I dont want this to happen in the middle of the bush where we ride.

Any Ideas?

Sounds like you have a short, check the easy things first, kill switch, starter switch, battey and wires. If nothing you'll have to pull the tank and start tracing the wire harness, look for chaffed areas, pinched wires Etc.

Yeah, an older cycle I had did the same thing. It turns out that the kill switch wires would short out when the front tire was turned left. As for the dead battery, I am not sure, possibly a drain somewhere? Once again, as the previous poster stated, could be a short there as well.

If it kick starts and runs fine. Then your battery/e-start system has a problem. Maybe a bad starter motor? Weak battery? or an electrical short to starter motor. :cry:


Thats the thing, it wouldnt kick start either.

The was no ignition what so ever from the e-starter (not even a click from the starter motor), and when I kicked it over it wouldnt go.

It seemed that only when I pushed it forward in gear that it seemed to release something and would then start.

Stator :cry:

It seems OK now though, I haven been riding to work for the last couple of days and not a problem.

Sounds like you have a short

Actually, it sounds more like an "open" :cry:

Sounds like you are saying it will not kick start or e-start until you put it in gear and move it forward then it will start with the e-start or with the kick starter?

It sounds like a master relay for the ignition circuit is sticking or shorting. It is most likely an electrical issue. Have to check the circuit when it fails to start and see why there is no juice going to the starter and ignition coil. :cry:

Problem solved. :cry:

Turned out to be a connector on the keyed ignition switch had a loose wire. Not soldered at the factory. I swapped it for the push button one that comes in the spares kit and she works a treat. That is after I pulled the ignition cover off and checked the rotor and stator, plus checked every wired for worn shorts etc.

I reckon it wouldnt have worked for to much longer. One set of whoops and she would have ground to a permanent halt.

Thanks to all for input, I can sleep again!


What a relief that it was a simple fix! :cry:

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