xr/wr acceleration comparison

I have a 96 xr 600 and my friend has a '00 wr400. In the open stuff I'm faster than he is, but not when it get's tight. Anyways, he asked if I could go faster on a more powerful bike, or if i was holding back. I said I could go faster, and that I would like to try an xr650. But he said his wr would be faster than an xr650 in a straight line drag.

I said I'd guess the 650 was faster, but I don't know. Does anybody actually know which is faster? Has anybody tried?

Also, would the 650 be more of a handfull on trails than my xr6? How does it compare in terms of starting, cornering, throttle response etc?

ps. I know the rider makes more difference than the bike, that's why I can't keep up on a tight trail, I was just wondering out of curiosity which was faster.

The 650 will out-pull a WR426 in a drag race. I've ridden the WR quite a bit, and no doubt its better in the woods.

To my pleasant surprise, when I bought my 650, I found it to be a better woods bike than the 600. It handles quicker, turns better, has better suspension, and a lot better response. And, when the trail opens up a bit.....twist your right grip a little and grin endlessly. As for starting....the 650 starts about the same as the 600 did. First or second kick cold, one kick when warmed up.

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I don't know about the XR650L. I do know about the XR650R. Uncorked and properly jetted, the Big Red Pig (BRP), will top 100 Mph in the dirt. It gets to 80 Mph very fast and keeps on winding. :D

Starting is a matter of carburator setup and proper technique. I have no problem starting mine with a couple of kicks, don't even use the choke.

The throttle response is very good, it will rip your arms off if you are not expecting the power that is delivered to the ground. :)

The BRP has excellent balance and farm tractor torque at the low end. However, it weighs about 310lbs all fueled up and will wear you out if you have to manhandle it alot.

Tell your friend that I would be glad let him experience the roar of the BRP. I will give him a headstart so he can get the full sound effect of being passed rather than just watching from behind. :D

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I've never ridden an XR600 or a WR426. However, I just recently upgraded from an XR400 to a '00 XR650R. Even though the 650R is heavier, it handles much better, it's more balanced and the suspension is better than the standard XR suspension. I ride tight stuff almost exclusively, and I love the 650R. My only complaint is that the stock gearing is a bit tall for my liking. However, I can still lug down to almost an idle in 3rd gear, yank the throttle and simply fly out of the turns. It may or may not out drag a 426, but it is by no means slow. It's got plenty of low end torque, and an outrageous midrange pull, but still very smooth, like all XR's.

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