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Tues Fun????

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Well first off I would like to say that I got home today right after it stopped pouring, there was a bunch of kids riding there mountain bikes through my flooded streets (gotta luv Sacto drainage), there was about 2-3 feet of water. So since none of my friends would pull me behind their cars (I really wanted to go wakeboarding down my street) then next naturaul thing was to act like all the 10 year olds, but instead of my mountain bike my dirtbike. So I through on swimming trunks and my helmet and was having a blast in the water. This leads to my next point, anyone wanna go riding. I would love to go Mon but have school and work so my next chance is Tues, I can cut out of work a little early so does anybody wanna do a late afternoon/evening ride at Prairie City????? Say around 3 or 4ish? PM me or reply if you do......

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