Edelbrock pumper carb BRP

I Need some assistance. How do you know when the needle needs changing? Top end performance? Anyone?

If you're bike is running excellent, then obviously your needle won't need to be changed. If you're getting consistent popping upon deceleration, you may be running too lean. If you're engine is running too hot, you may also be running too lean. If performance is sluggish, you may be running too rich, etc. Your spark plug will also be one of a couple indicators to tell you if your bike is running too rich or too lean.

If you're trying to hone in on the top end performance and wondering if your bike is too lean or too rich, take your bike for a ride and run close to WOT for a good stretch, then pull in your clutch and hit the kill switch to immediately shut down your bike. Then pull the spark plug and inspect it to help guide you on your tuning. Depending upon the your current spark plug's condition, it may also help to first install a new spark plug before you do this. Here's a couple links for you to check out that has some good information and pictures about reading spark plugs.




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