Hot Engine Stalls

Hi guy's,

I ride a '97 XR 600R. The Engine will stall with no warning at low RPM when the engine is hot. Note: the engine was recently bored out to 660 cc's and a performance cam and a Wiesco piston (normal compression) was installed. I installed the larger main jet that came with the kit. Any ideas what can be causing this?

XR Dude

Here's some easy things to check out.

* try turning up the idle speed a little bit more

* make sure your fuel tank is vented and that the vent is working

* make sure your carb vent hoses are not clogged

My XR650L would do this when the pilot jet was just a little too small.


I don't know much but my XL600R did that and it was the stator....Have someone check the ohms output....

I would also check the engine temp while it's running. Those big bore kits can run quite hot. My buddies did and it had the same issue.


What did your buddies do to fix the problem?

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