Pumper edelbrock/barnums pro racing!! :)

Just a few lines on the carb. It's great anybody can install and do

any changes/adjustment needed. There is a big difference and change

from the stock carb! I get instant response and my top end, it's

outstanding. I received the carb from the Barnums! I cannot say

enough good things about these people! They have taken there time to

assist me in every way! If anyone out there is curious, I change the

needle to the 19E and postioned it at 18 clicks! The bottom line

this BRP rips!!! I would recommend this carb to all!! I hope the

guys that were in the group purchase are having the same results. If

I can assist anyone

Please send me an e-mail!

Thump ON !!!!

Originally posted by nvccsup:

..I hope the guys that were in the group purchase are having the same results. ...

I'm glad you're impressed. I'm still very happy with mine and would buy it again. I've had several people email me recently who were in on the group purchase that just received their carbs and so far everyone is super happy with the ease of installation, tuning & performance. I'm hoping to hear more comments from the rest of the group once they get their carbs installed and hope everybody else is also satisfied.

The only downside I see is that Edelbrock hasn't been able to keep up with the demand and has once again sold completely out of these carbs. I'm having to tell people there's now approximately a 5 week wait if they order it today. The Barnums have been great to to deal with and since the group purchase, we've become friends and my wife and I are now working with them to help them promote and sell the Edelbrock pumpers through Barnums Pro Products. Barnums is also offering complete suspension services including custom tuning & revalving and I look forward to hearing more positive comments from their customers as their company grows.

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you should have posted this carb buy on all forums. Depending on the price, I may have tossed the carb on my 99 Yamaha WR400 in favor of this carb!! :)

Where can I find more info on this carb and does it work on a KTM 400?

I don't know if I'd bother with a Qwiksilver on a new KTM RFS model. The bike comes stock with Keihin FCR.


The Keihin FCR's are excellent carbs once you get them dialed in. I didn't know the KTM you had already came with the FCR pumper. There's all kinds of discussions on the Keihin FCR's on the YZ forums for various mods to make them work better, etc. Perhaps trying some of these mods first may make all the difference in the world on your KTM. It can't hurt to search the YZ forum for words like "carb" or "jetting", or "bog", etc. Good luck!

Originally posted by hodaphile:

Where can I find more info on this carb and does it work on a KTM 400?

Send an email to barnums_pro@yahoo.com and put "SUSANS KTM400 Edelbrock Deal" in the title an they'll send you more information and a quote on this carb. If you have a 88 or newer 400EXC, the part number of the pumper carb kit is 3144 and if you have a 88 or newer 400RXC, then the part number is 3145. You can also email Edelbrock's pumper carb tech "Mike Price" directly at mprice@edelbrock.com.


There were a bunch of XR650R riders (25+) who just recently bought this carb and so far myself and many others have been very happy with it. I've never talked to anyone who has actually used the new Edelbrock pumper on a KTM, but perhaps Mike Price at Edelbrock has?

If you talk to your KTM shop or KTM buds, you'll probably hear some bad things about the Edelbrock carbs. A few years back, KTM had Edelbrock make a carb to their specs to meet certain emission standards and many KTM's came from the factory with this carb. It's my understadting that this non-pumper carb was made to KTM's specs against Edelbrocks best recomendations. These non-pumper KTM carbs didn't work out too well if you check around. Not only was the carb's design not the best choice from what I heard, but I also heard the 50 state carbs got mixed in with the others and there were KTM owners complaining of poor performance, poor starting, etc. Before I bought my Edelbrock pumper carb, I was searching the web for any and all comments about this product no matter what brand or bike it was installed on and this is how I learned the KTM issues. The new pumper carbs from Edelbrock are good carbs and are designed with performance in mind.

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